Sometimes he just painted things because he thought they were interesting and/or pretty. The one with the flamingoes is most characteristic as he has used gradients of colors in the background. The flamingos are presented as a time lapse of the birds taking flight and this, to some extent, is rooted in his work in animation back in Australia. Looking back on it, the inclination to paint had always been there but was never seriously expressed until fairly late in life.


These paintings are in part a contribution to the Biology Department and are also motivated in part by the fish that were being raised at home. There was rarely a time in which there was not at least one tank for tropical fish at home and sometimes as many as five or more.

Fish (Close-up)

The Birds




Albino Chameleon


Mice and fruit flies have tremendous significance in genetic research and the Mouse House at the CSIRO in Sydney, Australia, was where he conducted a great deal of research.  Part of this involved research into the effects of radiation and this put him at tremendous conflict with Dr Edward Teller, one of the pioneers in atomic weapons development.

Musk Oxen

Panda with Cub

Hamlet in the animal kingdom.  He was a scientist but he had a tremendous sense of humor.

Panda with Cub (Close-up)

Alex was the last one who would be described as 'cute' but you see it in front of you.

African Savannah with Baboon

This painting stretches down a large wall and it features an extended scene of an African savannah that finally reveals a large baboon contemplating its domain. It won't take Art 101 to figure this one out.